Fun and interactive music classes!

Encourage your child's inner musical talent!

Not only are music classes at Bop Along Baby great for your child's musical development, they are fun for everyone involved!

Our 30 minute sessions involve sing-song games, playing instruments and moving to rhythm and melody. The grown-ups also participate and will learn a range of songs and games to use at home. Want to book a session for your child? Call us today!

The bop along sessions

The Bop Along program is set up in 4 stages.

Babies (5mnths +): Baby music sessions focus on music familiarisation as a way to enhance language development, cognitive skills focusing on memory and perception. Musical contrasts such as “high and low”, “soft and loud” and “stop and start” are repeated over and over in many creative ways using games, rhythm and melody.

Toddlers (16mnths +) maintain the cognitive journey however, their new found independence as new walkers means our greater focus is on motor skills. We use movement. props and all sorts of fun games to enhance co-ordination through music.

PreKinder (2.5 - 3.5yrs) maintain the skills from previous age groups. We gradually introduce aural and rhythm perception into our repertoire. Concepts such as call and response and tapping rhythms are encouraged. Participation enhances confidence. 

Kinder Kids (3.5yrs +) take aural and rhythmn awareness to the next level. This level consists of clapping and reading rhythms, singing and reading solfa signs and lots of music related games. By the tme they are ready for school our pre-school boppers should have a nice set of skills to prepare them for school and inspire them to be passionate and participate.

Musical awareness from an early age assists in providing children with the fundamental learning foundations for the rest of their lives.

Musical awareness from an early age assists in providing children with the fundamental learning foundations for the rest of their lives.

After attending our mums & bubs baby music classes, your child will benefit in many ways, almost instantly!

Child care centre sessions

We also provide baby music classes at various child care centres across Melbourne. We can cater to a range of ages from babies to kinder kids. For more information, contact us.

Bop along birthday parties

If your child's birthday is coming up, celebrate Bop Along Baby style! We can bring the bopping to you. Our parties are fun for kids and parents alike, with good wholesome fun for all involved.

Children enjoying baby music classes in Fitzroy and Richmond


"It was so lovely to watch my little man and his friends all get their happy dance on at his Bop along Baby birthday session. With songs they all knew; fun moves to boogie to; costumes to wear and instruments to play,  the session helped provide a focus and to channel the high energy and excitement they all brought to the party. It worked as the perfect way to help the little ones mingle with each other and for the parents to either join in or be entertained from the sidelines. 

The session leader, Mel, was a true hit with the kids - encouraging and including the shyer ones and making rock stars of the louder voices. The session ended with a fantastic rendition of Happy Birthday on the ukelele! So many happy faces and gorgeous photos! We will definitely be having Bop Along at future parties for more birthday bopping’ fun. 


- Cara Webber

Babies playing the drums